My work writing for the Praew magazine started in September 2005.

During the first year, the column Open Kitchen gave me the first opportunity to work as a columnist for the Praew magazine.

By the third year, as my knowledge in food preparation increased with my studies at Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, the desire to present more complex dishes increased. That desire gave birth to a three-page column called Table Tales, which I penned for for 2 years. I decided to end this journey by aggregating all my experiences into a book called Phol for Praew: Table Tales in 2010, which was published by Amarin Cuisine.

After 5 years of being immersed into the world of cuisine, which included food preparation, sharing recipes, and owning a restaurant, my experiences inspired me to do something new with Praew. Hence a new column, Bon Appetite, was born – a food column that focused on the technical side of cooking, but pushed the boundaries beyond just using scales or stricktly adhering to exact recipes, enticing readers with images and encouraging them to try their own skills out in the kitchen.

And latest of all, since food and Phol have become synonymous, I also make sure to share a more personalized point of view in Phol’s Food.



All You Can Eat, a food column I’ve had the privilege to pen in Foodstylist magazine, which is owned by the same company that produced the 9 Society, a cooking television show which I had previously hosted (if you remember, we first got acquainted here, the show that gave me the chance to present various culinary creations and share with you the joys of being in the kitchen.

Even though All You Can Eat was published in only 5 editions, all the recipes printed were preselected with much care and offered a very unique experience in food preparation. These 5 columns remain among my most favorite from both a concept and content point-of-view.


A vegetarian food column in the free dual-language publication called Dhammada (Normal), which was anything but, inviting people to enjoy the benefits of being a vegetarian. There was little hesitation accepting the Image Editor, P’Tim Punsiri Siriwetchaphun’s (sp?) invitation to be a columnist for one of the magazine’s sections, simply titled Food.

The vegetarian recipes in this book are easy to make, and also count as a body of work which brought great happiness in sharing for me.