A new beat in the culinary life of Phol Tanthasathien.

‘Remixed’ is the first cookbook by Phol Thanthasathien – themed around the belief that good food manages to find the balance between art and science. Tastes, presentation and preparation techniques can be altered, as long as it is built upon the right foundation.

‘Remixed’ comprises of 3 sections – food, dessert, drinks – totaling 31 recipes. It is suitable for those interested in trying alternate ways to prepare food that’s delicious, unique, yet simple to make.

Publisher : Nation Books
ISBN : 9786165150163
Year Published : 2009
Cover : Soft cover
Number of pages : 112
Book size : 250 x 186 x 10
Weight : 440 grams
Price : THB325

Table Tales

Recipes from my writings in Praew magazine, told via a journey from table to table.

Table Tales is a book that aggregates all my writings for a column in Praew magazine of the same name stretching over five years.  This was my second column and chronicles my experiences with food from table to table, spanning 38 issues during a two-year period.

Table Tales is made up of over 100 food, dessert and drinks recipes, and comprises of photos from 3 photographers from Praew magazine. The content has been modified and additionally developed from what was originally printed in the magazine with an additional 40 new photos.

Table Tales is a cookbook that is unlike other cookbooks.  All the food is arranged on a large wooden table, which is a gift I received from when I first started writing this column.

Publisher : Amarin Cuinsine
ISBN : 9789743871436
Year Printed : 2010
Cover : Soft cover
Number of pages : 161
Size : 220 x 208 x 10
Weight : 500 grams
Price : THB395


Japanese food experience from friendship abroad.

Itadakimasu chronicles the learnings I received from over two years of study in the art of Japanese cuisine with a close friend Hiroko Kobayashi.  All the recipes I learnt are presented along with beautiful photography from Phansiri Siriwetchaphan with art direction from Hans Werner Mueller.

The 71 recipes presented in this book showcase the basics of Japanese cooking, which I still apply to my daily life, and hopefully serves as a way for me to share my wonderful experiences and knowledge with aspiring Japanese food enthusiasts.

Itadakimasu… a true labor of love, which I received and can hopefully share with others just as it was shared with me.

Publisher : HWM
ISBN : 9789744963802
Year Published : 2011
Cover : Hard cover
Number of pages : 302
Book size : 263 x 207 x 25
Weight : 1300 grams


With a sweetness that lasts forever.

Candyman is the fourth book I’ve published.  It is inspired from a personal belief that desserts are life’s gift to mankind, something not necessary to have, but brings great joy when it is bestowed.  Sharing desserts is like sharing a smile, and has the potential to bring with it great happiness when shared, hence making it an instigator of love and all that is good.

I feel great happiness making desserts.  It makes me wonder what is going through the minds of people who originated these recipes, who they created them for and the joy it must have brought into their lives.  Even though writing this book took a lot of thought and effort in finding and imagining stories to complement such wonderful recipes, I had a lot of joy every step of the way and proudly share these recipes with everyone.

There are 63 recipes for desserts, and another 33 recipes for sauces, along with beautiful photography by Oh Singhasuvich, and the gorgeous art direction from Hans Werner Mueller.

Publisher : HWM
ISBN : 9786167521114
Year published : 2012
Cover : Hard cover
Number of Pages : 180
Size : 269 x 235 x 16
Weight : 990grams

Remixed Again

Another ‘beat’ in food preparation by Phol Tanthasathien, the ‘fun ride’ episode

‘Remixed Again’ was born out of the grouping of people from different professions, who got together to produce a well-natured body of work centered around food.  This is another ‘beat’ in the continuation of the ‘Remixed’ series, which was the very first cookbook that I had produced.  This one is called the ‘fun ride’ episode

Publisher : Nation Books
ISBN : 9786165155021
Year Published : 2013
Cover : Soft cover
Number of pages : 112
Dimensions : 245 x 186 x 10
Weight : 400grams
Price : THB333 บาท